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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Essay on Home Quarantine : Self Quarantine : Self Isolation

Essay on Home Quarantine
Essay on Self Quarantine
Essay On Self Isolation

Home quarantine means separating yourself from contact with other people for a few days at your home. Home quarantine occurs when a person has an epidemic or infection and being in contact with that infected person also poses a risk of getting infected. So in such a situation, quarantine of the house is a great remedy for the patient, who can save others from getting the infection and save his life.
The name of one such epidemic or disease is: - Corona virus or Covid-19. If someone gets corona virus infection then it becomes difficult to save his life. If the corona infected person comes in contact with someone else then that person also gets corona infection. If a person is suspected to be infected with the corona virus or if they have a cold, cold, fever, cough, difficulty breathing, then the person should separate in a room in their home. By doing this, no one in the family will get corona virus infection and that person should get their treatment as soon as possible. 

How to do Home Quarantine and what are its rules and instructions:- 

  1. If a person has come to his country from another infected country, then he should stay in his house for about 14 days. 
  2. If a person sees signs of corona infection, then the person should stay at home for about 14 days. 
  3. Public ceremony, wedding, party should not go until he is healthy. 
  4. For home quarantine one should select a ventilated room which should also have a toilet. 
  5. No other member of the house should be allowed to enter the room and toilet where the infected person is using the toilet and room. 
  6. Always keep distance from family members, elders, children and pregnant women. 
  7. Water, utensils, towels and other items of public use should not be touched in the house. 
  8. The surgical mask should always wear and the mask should be changed every 6 to 8 hours. 
  9. Always wash your hands with soap and use a hand sanitizer. 
  10. After confirmation of the disease should go to hospital immediately for treatment.
In all these ways, we can quarantine and keep other members of the house safe as well.

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  1. And while I was in-home quarantine, I did not waste time in vain. I got divorced while everyone was at home and had no opportunity to go out somewhere. Everything worked out for me because I sent the application online. Quarantine helped me to look for new ways to solve this problem.