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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

10 Lines Essay On Cow In English

10 Lines Essay On Cow In English

10-Lines-Essay-On-Cow-In-English, 10-Lines-Essay-On-Cow, The-cow-essay

Essay On Cow

1. The cow is a domestic animal.

2. She is found all over the world.

3. The cow has four legs, two horns, two ears, two eyes, a big nose, and a long tail.

4. It eats grass, rice, husk, vegetables etc.

5. It gives us nutritious milk.

6. From her milk, we make cheese, curd and sweets.

7. She is very gentle by nature.

8. Farmer earns money by selling her milk.

9. We use its dung as a manure.

10. We should take care of her.

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