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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Speech on Christmas In English

Speech on Christmas

First of all, welcome to the honorable chief guest of the day, respected teachers, parents and my all dear friends. As we all know that we are here to celebrate Christmas. I am very thankful to my class teacher for giving me such a great opportunity to the speech here on this occasion. 

Today is Christmas which we celebrate every year very happily by arranging a cultural event. Christmas is celebrated every year on 25th of December by the Christians and non-Christians people all over the world. 

This day is of much importance for the Christians as they commemorate the birth of their God, Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is believed as the Son of God for years by the people of Christian religion. Jesus is also called as Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus Christ. 

It is one of the happiest and enjoyable festivals of the winter season. We eagerly wait for this great occasion every year. People of all religions enjoy and celebrate Christmas with full joy. 

At this day children become very happy as they get gift by their parents and Santa Claus in the mid of night. People decorate their homes and Churches with candle and electric bulbs. Decorating Christmas Trees in the houses or garden is the special custom and tradition of Christmas celebration. They sing a special song known as carol song and perform other rituals in the church. Santa comes in the mid night with lots of attractive gifts to distribute among kids. 

Christmas Day has been declared as the public holiday by the government in most of the countries all across the world. Children go to the market and do lots of shopping with their parents. They start sending Christmas cards and gifts to the loved ones few weeks before the celebration. I hope you all liked my speech on such a great occasion. Merry Christmas to all! 

Thank you. 

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